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Watch the video below, read page two, and if you want to maximize your leadership potential, schedule an engagement discussion.

Leadership Coach, Dr. Tim Boone

How long have you wanted to be a better leader?
How effective do you need to be
at influencing your team?
Are you as influential with your subordinates, your boss or your board as you would like to be?

Are your senior team leaders struggling with working together
to manage the complexity of your evolving business?

"The best athletes have coaches… so do the best executives!!" ~ Gretchen Gavett, HBR

I only coach 2-4 senior leaders per year: leaders who have a burning desire to more effectively lead/influence their teams as they build high-performance organizations in an increasingly complex world!

  • We set measurable goals up front
  • It's developmental, NOT remedial… No guilt trips, you are already a successful person!!
  • It's confidential except for your chosen stakeholders

  • You pay for results, not my time
  • We make the process as efficient as possible… you are a busy person and so am I!
  • You pay only a 10% “commitment fee” up front and the remainder is paid at the end of the year based on your measured success!

If you would like to explore being one of the leaders who I coach this year, watch the 90 second video above and review the Client Milestones on the next page, then go to the Contact page, complete a form and select a time and date that I can call you to explore how I might be of service.

Build more effective leadership with help from Dr. Tim Boone